Dec 17

Thinking Ahead To Warmer Days

It’s hard to remember warm summer days in the middle of a cold winter like this but in order to get the most from your garden next summer now may be the time to give some thought to an outdoor deck and to plan ahead so you get to enjoy your garden to the max.

There are quite a few decking options available to you with a wide choice of both traditional and contemporary decking systems to choose from.

Softwood & Hardwood Decking Systems

If you’re a fan of traditional decking systems you have the option of using either treated softwood decking or hardwood decking both of which can provide a very pleasing look in your garden. Both softwood and hardwood decking systems come in a choice of contemporary square or stop chamfer decking spindles /decking newel posts and if you prefer a more traditional look you can use colonial turned decking spindles for your deck. Each of these options will provide a very distinct and pleasing look for your garden.

Axxys & Clearview Contemporary Decking

If you’re looking for a sleek and modern look to your home you may want to consider using either the Axxys Decking System or Clearview Glass Decking System developed by Cheshire Mouldings. Both of these systems offer a contemporary look for your outdoor deck but each takes a different approach and uses a distinctly different look.

Axxys Decking carries on the tradition from Axxys Stair Parts and uses an attractive fusion of wooden decking handrails and decking spindles alongside metal brackets and connectors available in a choice of Satin Aluminium or Satin Black Finishes. This decking system will give an ultra modern look to your garden and new for 2011 Axxys Decking is available using hardwood spindles and handrails.

Clearview Decking is one of the few outdoor decking systems which uses clear glass panels in place of decking spindles and is the ideal solution if you’re garden has a stunning view. Clearview Decking uses toughened glass panels making it safe and suitable for domestic use.

To discuss the options available to you for your outdoor deck please visit us at or call our team on 01691 671020.

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Oct 26

Blueprint Joinery Launches New FUSION Ourdoor Decking

FUSION® Outdoor Decking is the latest addition to our range of decking balustrade. This decking system will give your deck a modern look as it uses aluminium handrails with a choice of clear acrylic panels, hardwood slatted panels or hardwood spindles giving you the option to create one of three distinctive and contempoary looks for your decking.

FUSION® Outdoor Installation

FUSION® Outdoor from Richard Burbidge  is quicker and easier to install than traditional timber decking systems as it had been designed to be modular with minimal cutting required. All the components of this system are supplied with the necessary fixings and its simply a case of putting them all together and securing each component with the fixings required. The only cutting that may be required would be to reduce the length of the aluminium rails, although in the majority of cases this is not necessary.


For more details contact us on 01691 671020 or visit us at

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Oct 14

Spindles or Glass Panels?

Decking Spindles

Using decking spindles will give your garden a very traditional look and feel and they a relatively easy to install. Using traditional spindles however can obscure a view which is something you may not want to do, especially if your home is located adjacent to a stunning vista.

Clearview Glass Panels

If you choose to use the Clearview Glass Panels instead of decking spindles you instantly get a very modern and contemporary look for your deck and garden with the benefit of being able to see any view through the glass panels. The main concern people have about using these glass panels instead of decking spindles is that they’re worried they may break or scratch easily with young children around. This isn’t really something to be concerned about as the glass panels are manufactured using toughened glass and they have been subjected to a salt spray test to ensure they don’t scratch easily under normal wear and tear.

Weather it’s traditional decking spindles or Clearview Glass Panels you decide to use, both can be supplied by Blueprint Joinery so visit us today at or call our experts on 01691 671020.

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Oct 12

Fixing Decking Handrails To Newel Posts

There are two methods available to you to fit decking handrails to decking newel posts.

Decking Handrail Fixing Kit

The decking handrail fixing kit is probably the simplest and quickest method of installing your decking handrails to a newel post and it’s the ideal solution for the DIY’er. All you need to do is fit the bracket onto the decking handrail using the screws provided. Once this has been done you simply fit the decking handrail to your decking newel post by inserting the threaded bolt through a pre drilled hole in the newel post and secure using the washer and bolts provided. For an even more secure fix you can use an outdoor wood glue alongside the decking handrail fixing kit.

This handrail fixing kit can also be used to install the decking baserails.

N.B. Ensure your handrail height is a minimum of 900mm high as detailed by UK Building Regulations

Mortise & Tenon Joints

The second method of installing your decking handrail to a decking newel post is to use a mortise and tenon joint. This is the method generally favoured by professional tradesmen and involves a lot more work than if you used the handrail fixing kit described above. You need to form a tenon on your handrail by cutting it to shape ensuring the tenon is a third of the width and the length is a third the width of the newel post. Once the mortise and tenon have been formed you can secure the handrail using an outdoor wood glue.

To view our range of outdoor decking balustrade visit us at


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Oct 05

Planning Your Deck

Before embarking on a decking project you should take some time to plan the type of decking you want to construct. There are several factors you should consider:

  • Is it a ground level deck (below 600mm) or a raised deck (above 600mm)? Raised decks have different Building Regulation requirements than ground level decks and there are only few systems on the market which meet the height and strength requirements for raised decks.
  • What kind of deck are you looking for – a traditional turned deck, a contemporary stop chamfer deck or something modern such as FUSION Outdoor, Axxys Dek or Clearview? There are a variety of deck balustrades available with very distictive looks.
  • Timber Spindles or Clear Decking Panels? Each offer a very distinctive look and clear decking panels are definately a popular choice when a deck has a stunning view.
  • Softwood or Hardwood? Softwood decking balustrade is cheaper however will have some knots in the timber. Hardwood decking although more expensive has a warm and inviting look and stands up well to the elements.

There are a wide range of options available to you when planning you deck balustrade. For more details on what’s available to you visit our decking section at or call us on 01691 671020.

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Sep 27

Clearview Decking – Buy A Glass Panel Handrail System

Glass Panels instead of Wooden Decking Spindles

A popular choice when a contemporary decking solution is needed, Clearview features treated handrails and newels but uses toughened glass panels instead of traditional decking spindles. This gives the system a distinctly different look from traditional spindle based decking systems, and has the advantage over similar clear panel systems available due to it using toughened glass panels instead of acrylic panels.

Clearview is simple to install as the handrails and baserails are fitted to the decking newels using a bracket (see images) and the toughened glass panels slot into gooves pre cut into the rails. With some basic DIY skills and a few hours work you can transform the look of your Garden using the Clearview glass panel decking system.

To buy or for more details visit or call 01691 671020.

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Sep 24

Buy Axxys Deck – The Contemporary Solution

Axxys Dek

Axxys Dek is the contemporary solution for your outdoor decking needs combining wooden spindles, handrails and newel posts with metal brackets and newel caps. If it’s a modern looking deck you need, then Axxys Dek from Cheshire Mouldings is the outdoor balustrade system for you.

Handrails, Spindles & Newels

Axxys Dek features softwood handrails, spindles and newel posts which have been pressure treated with an outdoor preservative to help protect them from the elements. The handrails, spindles and newel posts can be stained if desired to achieve any final result required.

The spindles are available in a choice of stop chamfer or fretted designs. Combined with the round handrails, these spindles will give your decking a distinctive and modern feel.

Metal Connectors

The handrail connectors, spindle brackets and newel caps  have been manufactured to withstand exposure to the elements and are available in either a satin aluminium or satin black finish which allows Axxys Dek to offer to unique looks for your outdoor decking.

For more details visit or call us on 01691 671020

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Sep 22

Buy Decking Spindles From Blueprint Joinery

Buy Decking Spindles

We offer a treated decking balustrade including handrails, spindles and newels in a choice of traditional turned and contemporary square designs.

We have several designs of decking spindles to choose from – stop chamfer spindles, square spindles, double reeded spindles and colonial spindles. Each style of spindle will give your deck a distinctive look and in additional to regular decking spindles we also have two timber panels available to buy – a cross hatch panel and a sunburst panel.

Visit us at to view our full range of decking balustrade or call us on 01691 671020.

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